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As Managing Director of IG Solutions Liverpool

I provide independent advice and guidance, consultancy and training on all matters related to Information Governance including privacy and confidentiality.

I have worked both as an associate with a client and independently to deliver a range of IG training courses to senior health and social care staff. This has included training for SIROs, Caldicott Guardians, Information Sharing and courses tailored to meet specific client requirements.

I have developed a significant guidance document on behalf of NHS England to identify steps that Clinical Commissioning Support Units, Clinical Commissioning Groups and others need to follow in order to process information for risk stratification and commissioning purposes under current Section 251 support arrangements.

I am assisting a number of commercial third party system suppliers to the NHS to ensure that they have appropriate IG controls in place and that they and their customers are meeting their responsibilities to enable lawful information sharing such as fair processing, commercial contracts, Data Sharing Agreements etc.

I have assisted one such client in the development of an approach to the pseudonymisation of information at source. This approach, in the context of the access controls embedded within their system has received support from the Secretary of State and the Information Commissioner’s Office that the information can be considered as non-identifiable.

As Executive Director of Information Assurance at the HSCIC

I was an executive board member and a member of the executive leadership group responsible for the management initially of the NHS IC and latterly the HSCIC.

I was a key contributor to the development of the annual business plan and the transformation of the organisation as it took on its new role as determined by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

I was responsible for:

As the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) for the organisation I successfully directed the management of information risk within the HSCIC.

Prior to the appointment of a Medical Director to the Information Centre I was the Caldicott Guardian for the organisation and subsequently continued to work closely and advise the new Caldicott Guardian on issues related to that role.

I was a member of the group within the IC that was tasked with ensuring that the organisation met its commitments in delivering Open Data to revolutionise the use of data.

I was a board member for several key national programmes both within and outside the IC including the GP Extraction Service, the NHS Number and Demographics Programme, the Spine Programme, the Data Linkage Programme.

I was a national leader on Information Assurance and was a member of several national committees including the UK Council of Caldicott Guardians; the National Information Governance Committee of the Care quality Commission; the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care; the IG subgroup of the Informatics Services Commissioning Group; and the HSCICs Data Access Advisory Group.

I presented to and advised several of the evidence gathering sessions held by Dame Fiona Caldicott as part of her review of Information Governance in the health and care system which culminated in her report Information: To Share or not to share.